Crows, Ravens and Magpies

I went by a cemetery the other day. It was a crisp, cloudy fall day with vibrant, but subdued colors everywhere. The cemetery was full of crows, ravens and magpies. They were jumping on, and frolicking all around the headstones. I thought for a moment about all the crows, ravens and magpies I have seen dancing on the bloated carcass of dead animals. I had an eerie, uncomfortable feeling come about me. When I die, I think I'll be cremated and scattered to the winds. I don't want crows, ravens and magpies dancing on my head. - dba

June 28, 2020

Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large Dan Abernathy June 28, 2020 As we formulate and organize ourselves for the celebration of our nation this July fourth, Independence Day, perhaps it is time for all of us as a Nation to look at just what our Nation is, and what it means to be an American. Within these confines of chaos, where anarchy is being welcomed, even invited, there is an extreme importance to find calmness and remember what evokes your gratitude. We all must look beyond what is being said and done to find the moments of positive reflection. With this light, perhaps we can find a path of peace. This date is a time that gratitude should be shown for our country. It is

June 7, 2020

Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large Dan Abernathy June 7, 2020 Because of the mass anarchy and upheaval, I wandered and stumbled in bewilderment, so much in fact that I had to lower my standards and watch the breaking news saturating the media. Protests and demonstrations being the temperament of most cities, dominated the air. What repulsed me were the riots, which turned into carnage and the loss of more life. What happened to George Floyd was horrendous and the perpetrators should be dealt with quickly, with extreme retribution. I was also disturbed by what happened to the 75-year-old peaceful protester. He was knocked down by a riot patrol, causing severe injury as his


Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large Dan Abernathy May-25-2020 It is recited as a hymn, releasing the unsayable that once perched on the back of the tongue. Its darkness released into the breath of lost souls looking for the light. As the hymn grows stronger and harsher, the mindless willingly seem to follow deeper into an unfathomable void. I sit and listen. I cannot shadow such a forced melody that is so close to mandatory. All I can hear is a screaming fear from the sound of a canary entombed in a chapel. In its panic and collision, this eloquent bird looses small ornate feathers to fall from the light as it crashes against the stained glass windows wanting nothing more t

May 10, 2020

Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large Dan Abernathy May 10, 2020 The other day in a very crowded parking lot of a very busy grocery store, I spotted a van dweller from British Columbia. I veered towards the van to visit about being a vagabond of the road, a Rubber Tramp. I have done this numerous times, in many different parking lots, and have had several encounters with travelers as they approached the Chool Bus. This is a common occurrence for road warriors. On this occasion however, it was different. I grabbed a Life – Life – Large sticker, along with one depicting the Chool Bus and toting a sizeable smile, I ambled up to where this van was parked. With humble graciousness

April 26, 2020

Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large Dan Abernathy April 26, 2020 I hurried, quickening my pace to reach the front. I thought the leaders would be there. Darting back and forth I penetrated the crowd looking for the catalysts of this great mass. I looked everywhere, but the leaders could not be found. No one knew who or what was the prominent controller of this crazy and irrational demonstration. I asked, “Which way are you going?” “Why do you ask?” an anonymous voice echoed back. I momentarily paused, and then with self-preservation I shouted back, “you are frightening me and I must run the other way.” Right now it seems, blinded by a fear introduced by suggestion, exaggera

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