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May 10, 2020

Contributing to the Chaos while

Living – Life – Large

Dan Abernathy

May 10, 2020

The other day in a very crowded parking lot of a very busy grocery store, I spotted a van dweller from British Columbia. I veered towards the van to visit about being a vagabond of the road, a Rubber Tramp.

I have done this numerous times, in many different parking lots, and have had several encounters with travelers as they approached the Chool Bus. This is a common occurrence for road warriors. On this occasion however, it was different.

I grabbed a Life – Life – Large sticker, along with one depicting the Chool Bus and toting a sizeable smile, I ambled up to where this van was parked. With humble graciousness, I greeted the van dweller.

He kept turning his back towards me and as it takes me a bit to register rude behavior, I thought it was because the Wyoming wind was blowing an exaggerated breeze. But as I advanced closer he turned as if he was fighting to prevent the fall of Constantinople and screamed through his surgical mask, which was hanging at an angle on his face, “Six Feet – Six Feet – Six Feet!”

Needless to say I was a bit dumbfounded and my feelings slightly dented. I jolted to a standstill and told him I was sorry for his senseless paranoia. With my stickers in hand I retreated from this situation of fear.

I was a bit speechless and hurt. This person living a life of freedom jailed himself in this mass hysteria that is harnessing the planet. What I thought was going to be a delightful exchange of lifestyles, was an encounter with a zombie of Mass Media, cloaked behind a facemask.

This whole facemask fever is nothing but a feel good colored Band-Aid that in actuality does very little for the people wearing them on the street, alone in their car, or hiking in the woods with their dog.

Recently, the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, advised against healthy people wearing face masks to protect themselves from coronavirus, saying that wearing one improperly can "actually increase your risk" of getting the disease.

The World Health Organization and the CDC have reaffirmed the Surgeon Generals statement and they do not recommend the general public wear masks. The most common way that you can get respiratory diseases, like coronavirus, is by touching. A study in 2015 looking at medical students wearing surgical masks touched their faces on average 23 times.

Born from fear, a recalibration with the bubble of personal space and how we maneuver through public areas is being forced upon us. What is happing now could kill the historic handshake. It has already been severely dented with the, High Five and the idiotic knuckle bump. A gesture holding no welcome unless you are in an octagon cage before a WWE fight.

The handshake, a symbol of peace, actually dates back to ancient Greece. It was a way to show each other that you weren’t holding a weapon. When you extended your hand, your sleeve pulled up, so you could actually see if someone had a weapon.

We, as a failing society are also running in panic of a hug. For myself this is a devastating blow. Have we seen the last hug? At this point, I cannot bring myself to elaborate on the ramifications of such a tragedy.

What I am fearful of is that things are not going to return to the way they were. Some may scoff at this and roll their eyes, calling it a conspiracy theory, but it is a reality. This is happening right now.

When you advance your thoughts beyond personal greetings and see what is laying in wait, which in many cases are no longer waiting. The technology is now with us to modify and remove freedom from the people.

The theft of personal individuality is rapidly increasing under this banner of, “Saving Lives.” Drones buzzing overhead that can pinpoint your location and check your body temperature. A Digital ID that may begin as part of your driver’s license is getting dangerously close to an implanted chip. Oh wait, they are already doing this under the banner of keeping your children safe.

This is no longer theory it is factual. It is being driven by a small group of people throughout the nucleuses of the world. The oligarchs are few, but they hold untold identity and wealth.

You can say these things I speak of will never happen. You may say this will never personally happen to me, but it can. This Digital ID is being attached to health care, which PHRMA wants, and in doing so remember “Saving Lives,” seems to be sidestepping the Constitution.

Without this Digital ID you could be denied boarding a plane, bus or train. You could be stopped from entering stores, bars, restaurants and places of public gathering. You might not even be able to enter your place of employment.

Under this Banner of “Saving Lives, “ the life that you knew could be gone. Is this a world that you want to live in? This new way is now, louder than ever.

Generations after generation have been exposed to fear, but now in this feeble state of being we should listen and hear these old words as they become real.

“I do not wish to alarm you so I will not tell you about the horrendous things that are about to happen. But, here they are.” - dbA


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