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The Jewelry Store

Each piece of this artistic jewelry collection is created completely by his hands of the artist Dan Abernathy. Each piece formed from his ideas and visions. This, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry is from recycled and reclaimed copper, combined with crystals, stones, vintage objects which enhances its unique flair. While on the road he is always exploring art and antique shops looking for items to use in his art, as well as items they standout out on their own. In doing this Dan has acquired and sharing a collection that is seemingly unending.

Join to the Tribe! 

You are invited to walk with gentle steps in great reverence, as you become mindful that the Earth you are treading on is a Holy Sanctuary. Walk with love and great respect. Walk with the Earth, the body and the mind united.

Contact Me or find me to become a member!

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and to see Some of the Tribe Member!


Each one Uniquely   handmade and one of a kind!


Each one Uniquely  handmade with reclaimed copper from power lines and demoed homes.

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