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Welcome to the Tribe! 

The Tribe Creed

You are now a member of the Tribe and with this indoctrination; you are making a pact with the Tribe and Mather Earth. You are invited to walk with gentle steps in great reverence, as you become mindful that the Earth you are treading on is a Holy Sanctuary. Walk with love and great respect. Walk with the Earth, the body and the mind united. Take each step knowing you are touching something sacred and place them with gratitude and joy. From this day forward allow yourself to be filled with insight and happiness and with each of these steps, radiate love and compassion for the Earth, for all beings, as well as for ourselves. 


The Tribe Members

Listed are the offical members of The Tribe. I have mised a lot I know.

If it was you plaase send a photo showing the braclet so I can post it.

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