Issue Number Seven

The Chaos Newsletter of Dan Abernathy- Issue Number Seven Hello This Morning! “As I walk towards total bliss, my world is mine and I travel through it with open eyes. To do so, to travel, to see, to feel and to experience change, I will continue t o endlessly create myself.” - dbA Vermillion Falls in northwestern Colorado On a southbound excursion from Wyoming, and after absorbing the vitality of Irish Canyon, the next must do, is an unhurried sojourn at Vermillion Falls. I park at the top of the falls, walk to the edge and peer over so I can see and hear the water falling. Then, after I have filled myself with this moment, I slowly venture down and around, breathing in all of where I am at

The Chaos Newsletter #6

Hello This Morning! “In our world of spirit, we clench no barrier with distance and silence. When two souls have united, the Universe guides their whispers and unites them in the heart.” - dbA Victory Hotel, Maybell, Colorado Words Of Wisdom – Words of too Much Wisdom Life is as simple as a journey into an open vista, or a narrow canyon. It’s a walk across an arid desert, or an alpine meadow. At times it is even strolling across concrete slabs and broken glass. There is no reason for life to become complicated and it won’t, as long as you maintain your stride to be open and free. - dbA To see all of the Newsletter Click Here

The June Issue of The Contributor

We have some great writing and Photography in the June issue of the Contributor and covered a wide swath with the mule deer migration, accompanied with the amazing images of Arnie Brokling, to spring branding in Wyoming, then to the horrific Minefields of Cambodia. To be sure and not miss an issue of the Contributor, subscribe and each month it will be sent to your mailbox.

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