Art Gallery

The Eclectic Art of Dan Abernathy

Artist Statement

With the liberation of my artistic endeavors I wish is to convey to the viewer a moment of new or possibly the rediscovery of something familiar. I hope for the possibilities to change a state of mind and transform it from the mundane into a moment where beauty, understanding and adventure are combined into one. Art is the product of conscious intent. It is a rewarding activity to unify dissimilar things, a concern with change and variety, an exploitation of familiarity and surprise, a desire to suggest meanings, and to indulge in fantasy. The perception of art lies in our own minds. You have to look, see, open your soul and search for spaces yet unraveled to the psyche without showing fear for the unknown. Go to the unidentified and find something new. Things that are hidden and dark today become a burning touch for the boundaries encountered tomorrow.

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