Natural Healing

Natural Healing 4-13-2020 Humanity is a stream that has flowed for 1000’s of years through times of joy and through times of devastation. However, the headwater of this stream is pure and always spilled from an untouched source. The wisdom of being who we are is being forgotten. Because of the addiction of materialism we have forgotten and ignored that the best things in life are not things. Perhaps it is the reason so many people are searching for the same thing the “Tin-Man”, sought. It has become increasingly quick and easy to censor, denounce and criticize what is being shown to us as we are told what to see. Throughout all this social viewing we are not seeing what should be seen. I ope


Wyoming..... It Can’t Be Explained...It Just Is!

Angkor Wat Cairn

FROM MY JOURNAL Words from a Thought of thoughts and a cairn I built and left with an attached prayer in Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

You Cannot Leave There

You cannot live there anymore, as it no longer is, but there is nothing wrong with looking back and seeing the good that was left there. - dbA

I Am

I Am I stand in the solitude of the sea, the white foam of surf circling my bare feet. I feel complete. Not capable of knowing impression or thought. I just am. – dbA

My Friend

My Friend I walk in the woods to be among my friends. Each time I embark on this stroll�I find a new one. A Tree standing proud and unique, waiting with no hesitation to be my friend. -dbA

A Soak in Nature

Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large Dan Abernathy March 30, 2020 Putting all aside and out of mind for a bit, now that the days are growing longer and the snow covering the ground is growing shorter, it has provoked time for a walk, a soak in nature. My destination for such an event was Fremont Lake. Fremont Lake is just a few miles from town, but so much different in the snow pack. We are in off times now. Mud season is not here and though the snow is receding, it is still here. The trails are not open as they are still drifted in and the bottom is falling out of the ski trails. I followed a ski track for a short while before giving up to the “post holing” effect of breaki

Shattered Airwaves

Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large Dan Abernathy March 16, 2020 On a quiet peaceful Sunday night, October 30, 1938, the airwaves shattered with fear and pandemonium as Orson Welles aired a live Halloween episode via, Mercury Theatre on the Air. Welles’s broadcast of, The War of the Worlds, became famous for deceiving listeners into believing that a Martian invasion was actually taking place. This whole incident was believable due to the "breaking news" style used on the show. The illusion of realism was furthered ignited because Mercury Theatre on the Air was a radio show without commercial interruptions. There was no break; no time for logical thinking and mass hysteria q

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