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April 26, 2020

Contributing to the Chaos while

Living – Life – Large

Dan Abernathy

April 26, 2020

I hurried, quickening my pace to reach the front. I thought the leaders would be there. Darting back and forth I penetrated the crowd looking for the catalysts of this great mass. I looked everywhere, but the leaders could not be found. No one knew who or what was the prominent controller of this crazy and irrational demonstration.

I asked, “Which way are you going?”

“Why do you ask?” an anonymous voice echoed back.

I momentarily paused, and then with self-preservation I shouted back, “you are frightening me and I must run the other way.”

Right now it seems, blinded by a fear introduced by suggestion, exaggeration and death, people inhabiting this planet are running in circles. With a blindfold of hysteria they are obscuring their vision of calmness. Societies are spinning in a vast circle of insanity unaware of a reality that is taking place beyond the boundaries of this crazed circle of delirium and madness.

What is happening is real. A person dying is very real, but we don’t have to stop living, nor do we have to live in fear. We can still live in joy and have a wholesome time doing so.

Because I say no to the whims of society and refuse to forfeit myself to blindly walk into an apocalypse with the doomsday planners, I am a rebel.

I have always been an anti-conformist. I will not equalize my attitude, beliefs or behavior to any groups, politics, religions or share specific rules by a group of people. I will not obey any mainstream culturel quirk to look and act the same.

To conform to the standards of a cult like society for me is personal death. I am a single entity that will not be compromised in my beliefs.

Individuals can change culture norms as well as societies behavior. When you displace yourself away from the beliefs and unexplainable actions of society, you can actually change cultural patterns. Be the individual that is making an impact from being the anti-conformist, the individual that can’t and won’t fit in.

Awaken the rebel and embrace a peaceful revolution. Modify and free yourself to who are you as an individual and watch the reaction of onlookers. Some will rejoice and emulate your actions while others run in fear, as the feeling of freedom is foreign to their ways. Thinking beyond what we are being told has become a rarity for a large percentage of todays populous.

Now that man has extended beyond accountability, he has begun to divert and control this stream of humanity with social engineering. If you have changed your course, redirected your flow to move with the stream and avoid turbulence, then perhaps you have been socially engineered.

It is happening, as it has been seen and repeated throughout history. The fastest way to dumb down a population is to scare them. We, as a global society, will never see the return of what was, to what is. The collateral damage to freedom and personal rights caused by this current situation will never completely return.

There are many changes of new safer ways being implemented into a, New World Order. These incarcerating rules are marching in under a banner waving, “Saving Lives.”

With this campaign we are losing personal rights. We are losing, which I feel is equally important, the possibilities of individuality. Legal or not, while we stand-alone shivering in fear, the way it was, is being stripped from who we are. This devastating blow is being softened with the sales gimmick of, “Alone and Together.” It is nothing but a proclamation to soften the blow and swallow the realization of absurdity.

Each of us has a vantage point to view life. We are influenced by what we have seen. We are manipulated by what we are seeing and we are hopeful for what we will see. But we have been so manipulated and altered that a type of ridiculous preservation has emerged to blind us.

As days are suffocating and the world seems like a cage while you feel powerless in this waiting game, don’t discard hope. One day you will be able to break free. I just prefer not to wait until I’m told to by the hordes of hysteria. I will free myself.

I smile with a freedom of what is. I won’t allow myself to respond to what society wants and I do not find fear. I stand in all my imperfections and free myself from the agony of fearful minds. I cannot be bothered believing everything would be better if I allow social shaming to bend me into something that I am not.

With opening up who you are with a clear mind and heart you become aware. This awareness may or may not have an effect on you, as we also must also include personal choice. I would never suggest for anyone to follow me or to stop doing whatever it takes to feel safe. I just want you to think.

During all that is happening you must be aware of your own personal choice and how it affects your own energetic being. This is the mindset needed for awareness as you discard influence and observe what is. For preservation and survival, look and truly see what is manifesting during this global pandemic of socially engineering. – dbA


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