Stay Inside

March 16, 2020 On a quiet peaceful Sunday night, October 30, 1938, the airwaves shattered with fear and pandemonium as Orson Welles aired a live Halloween episode via, Mercury Theatre on the Air. Welles’s broadcast of, The War of the Worlds, became famous for deceiving listeners into believing that a Martian invasion was actually taking place. This whole incident was believable due to the "breaking news" style used on the show. The illusion of realism was furthered ignited because Mercury Theatre on the Air was a radio show without commercial interruptions. There was no break; no time for logical thinking and mass hysteria quickly grabbed the listeners to believing the end was near. Fast-for


March 2, 2020 My body, my mind and perhaps the very essence of who I am, cannot decide whether to maintain relevancy in this futile attempt to locate pleasure experienced pain, while being liberated from a mechanism I was given to hold in my hand. An electronic device that seemingly has become a required attachment to the body, while it waits to be eternally ejected as part of the human form. In an era where knowledge and information is as close as our fingertips we, as a whole, seem to become less and less informed with the importance of truly being. Social media and the constant connection are depriving people with what is happening right here, right now. The perplexity of being social and

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