A Dreamer

I am a dreamer; of this there is no doubt. But, I wonder as the dreams never find conclusion, am I truly the dreamer or the dream? – dbA

No Idea

I would like to announce publicly, “I have no idea of what I am doing.” This is the beauty of what I do. – dbA

Right Here Right Now

Sometimes right here, right now, I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself because I’m not done with them. It’s also seemingly hard to find the person that would understand until I am done. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Then I will release them with the morning breeze. – dbA

Empty Your Mind

Just for today, empty your mind of all judgment and preconceived ideas. Just for today, let’s meet everyone with our minds and hearts completely open. Be here now allowing the beauty of a pure moment to glow with the loss of negativity. – dbA


I have no doormat that reads, “welcome, please wipe your feet.” My doormat sits at the entrance to freedom and reads, “please step through and join me.” – dbA

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