I Am Free

I have escaped, freely walked away from the constant injection of what’s current. I am free, as my mind is no longer concerned with the opinions of the world. – dbA PHOTO: Standing in the sand on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington.


Calmness is the foundation we enter that directs us to teach ourselves what we want to learn. – dbA PHOTO: dbA Cairn on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington.

The Greatest Wealth

The greatest wealth is not what is valued by a materialistic and money driven society. Real wealth is your spiritual values and how they offer you a true path to live your life. – dbA PHOTO: Found sculls on the high desert of Wyoming

The Chool Cast Episode 12

Strolling Around Sequim, Washington To say Sequim, Washington is a hidden gem is as elusive as the title of the town itself. It was once believed Sequim meant, “quite waters,” but was later discovered by a tribal linguist to be wrong. Timothy Montler, an expert in the study of dying languages has studied the Klallam language and interviewed elders. He determined the correct translation is, “place for going to shoot,” a reference to the Sequim-Dungeness Valley’s once-great elk and waterfowl hunting. To continue reading Strolling Around Sequim, Washington and see many more photographs, please and the latest personal journal entries, please visit www.contributechaos.com and follow the link to m

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