Somniative Collection

Art is created for myself first, a derivative of my voice, and derived from who I am. It is, and always will be filled with extra inspiration and appreciation when someone is moved by something that I have created. It is also an amazing reward when someone desires a piece of my art. This allows me, with much gratitude, to continue my journey of making art. Thus, I have embarked on creating a series to be included as part of the eclectic Somniative Collection. An art series is more than just one piece of artwork; it’s a collection of similar styles and or compositions. In the evolution of an artist, developing an art series with your personal style of art has many rewards.
      The Somniative Series has vague borders or parameters. This series, which is in four stages, begins with an original pen & ink drawing, is recreated on cold pressed steal completing the second phase with an original piece of art. Continuing into the third phase the original drawing is printed on wood and merged with found natural objects and or rusted metal. These antique reclaimed and repurposed metallic objects are used to enhance the uniqueness. The final phase of this series are a small limited edition prints from the original pen & ink.

The Eclectic Art of Dan Abernathy

       Somniative Collection - Raven Number Four


The Eclectic Art of Dan Abernathy

                   American Bison Skull


Original Pen  &  Ink  Drawings

Phase 1, of The Somniative Series begins with the original drawing in pen & ink.