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Yellow Eye

Yellow Eye


Yellow Eye

Original Pen & Ink

It matters not what your current stance and belief are about wolves. A wolf is doing nothing but being a wolf.

   Wolves are, have been and always will be a majestic and captivating creatures that have captured human imagination throughout time. Their intricate social structure, hunting prowess and as a creature deeply committed to its pack, the wolf exemplifies unwavering loyalty and devotion to its family members. On one hand they represent the untamed forces of nature, while on the other hand, they can also represent bravery, loyalty, protection, and wisdom.

     As a spirit animal the wolf symbolizes an intriguing mix of power, loyalty and wildness. Many cultures traditionally value the wolf as a powerful guiding force. Wolves are extremely intuitive and have an almost supernatural instinct that can detect dangerous situations.


This Pen & Ink drawing is on cold pressed watercolor paper using my version of stippling. Watercolors were used for enhancement. The watercolor paper is adhered to a wooden panel then coated with archival beeswax. This contemporary finish protects the art while elevating the traditional glass covering. The edges are wrapped with patinaed copper. Image size is 18” X 28”, overall size is 19” X 25”.

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