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Say What

Say What


Influenced by the Viking god, Odin, and his ravens, this complex bird has flown around the world to report back what was seen. Ravens represent ancient wisdom, intelligence and bear the weight of untold visions and prophetic whispers.


The Raven encourages the use of intuition often and to take risks to create positive change in our lives. In essence, the spiritual meaning of Ravens reminds us of our higher purpose.


Ravens are happier when they are with one person over a group. People with a raven spirit animal prefer quiet over noise and stillness over constant movement.

If you have this spirit, you are a wise person who brings messages to those around you. The raven is also known as the master of time, and may be telling you to take action. Spiritually, magical or supernatural forces are being presented to you.


This piece can be purchased.

This Pen & Ink drawing is on cold pressed watercolor paper using my version of stippling. The background is boldly highlighted with watercolor and acrylic paints. It’s framed and wrapped with patinaed copper. Overall size is 23” X 28”.

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