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The Meeker Elk

The Meeker Elk


The Meeker Elk

Pen & Ink on Paper


Long ago, the Plains Indians observed the bull elk as a courageous and magnificent figure. The elk represents dignity, power, inner strength and passion.


This 14 X 9 elk holds the Colorado State record for a non-typical elk. It hangs in the Meeker Hotel, Northwest Colorado’s only historic hotel, in Northwest Colorado. This Colorado State record from an unknown hunter, dates to pre 1930. The Boone & Crockett gross score is 452 1/8.”


American Indian men often showed their hunting prowess by making the Elk's eye teeth into jewelry for their special girls or by gifting the teeth to their wives to decorate their dresses, so it was that the elk became a symbol of love and passion. Elk also symbolized everlasting devotion and permanence, as elk ivory does not decay or deteriorate with time.


If you experience an elk sighting, it's a message to stay steady on your current course. An elk sighting is also a reminder to be diligent and see things through. If you do, you will earn the respect of others for standing your ground.


This Pen & Ink drawing is on cold pressed watercolor paper using my version of stippling. It’s framed with reclaimed barn wood that is over 100 years old. The edges are wrapped with patinaed copper. Overall size is 18” X 27”.

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