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Black Crow

Black Crow


Black Crow

Acrylic on Metal

Seeing a crow is considered good luck. In Native American folklore, the intelligence of crows is usually portrayed as their most important feature. Spiritually, crows represent transformation, positive change, and intelligence. Seeing a crow is considered to be a good omen. Temporary and unexpected changes are coming, but the outcome will be positive.


If you've spotted a single black crow, you may need to evaluate your life. You are being told that something in your life is going to change soon. Something will change or you might need to change something to excel. It is common for people to be afraid of change because it is easier to keep everything the same.


This piece is drawn on cold pressed steel using acrylic pens. The background metal is rusted and blued with gun bluing creating a unique, weathered color and expression. The edges are wrapped in patinaed copper. The back is finished and has D-Rings for hanging. Overall size is 20” X 26” -

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