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Natural Healing

Natural Healing


Humanity is a stream that has flowed for 1000’s of years through times of joy and through times of devastation. However, the headwater of this stream is pure and always spilled from an untouched source.

The wisdom of being who we are is being forgotten. Because of the addiction of materialism we have forgotten and ignored that the best things in life are not things. Perhaps it is the reason so many people are searching for the same thing the “Tin-Man”, sought.

It has become increasingly quick and easy to censor, denounce and criticize what is being shown to us as we are told what to see. Throughout all this social viewing we are not seeing what should be seen.

I open my eyes to see, but all I saw was a country filled with disorder and confusion. This imbalance seemed to suck the life from who I am. To tidy up this jumbled array of perplexity and derangement, I had to withdraw. I retreated to nature where nothing is judged, or seen for what it is not.

How lucky we are to be here in this small rural town of Pinedale. With so much around us twisted in chaos we are, in reality, very lightly touched. We are also living with a backyard that is intact.

We have, whenever needed, a healing modality that is beckoning us to come find the energy to be healed from the stress we are living in. It is real and each time I walk with the trees and breathe, my thoughts become calmer and my calmness grows taller.

The moment I left the situation that was created, “down country,” was the precise moment I chose not to be a part. I saw absoluteness. I tossed away the noise and littered the natural landscape with my judgment, fear and comparison. I fortified my foundation of calmness and strolled to a higher state of being. I walked into the realm of self-realization and then I knew that everything is going to be all right.

I hiked across the outlet and traversed the lingering snowdrifts, making my way to the top of a sagebrush-covered knoll. Looking north across the open water of the outlet and the frozen lake, I spotted a white dot in the distance. It was contrasting the pristine deep blue sky.

It was moving in a hypnotic pattern and coming towards the knoll I was standing on. Soon it grew into two white dots. I closed my eyes thinking my vision was blurred. When I opened them, the white dots suspended in this brilliant blue sky had transformed into a bald eagle.

The eagle was peacefully circling in figure eight patterns over the open water. I stood in awe as it glided near me and continued its flight down Pine Creek. I was spellbound, for I was not just looking, I was seeing.

The bald eagle, the symbol of freedom, conveys the powers and messages of spirit. It is man's connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. When a bald eagle appears it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead of what is.

In the Bible, Isaiah 40:30, reads “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.”

I felt a restored freedom of what is. I no longer allow myself to see and live in what society wants, and I cannot find fear. I stand in all my imperfections believing everything will be better.

As the world fills itself with fear, I will not. I will not let the power of the masses distort my peace. I will be safe and I will respect others, but I will do so with a greater calmness of being. I will continue to walk my path and be who I am, who I was and who I will be.

I am not an elitist. Among many things that do not need to be listed, I am a Reiki Master and a disciple of the Essential Way. It is my quest to live each and every day with mindfulness, compassion, kindness, love and gratitude.

Learning and expanding the mind is not just the accumulation of knowledge. True wisdom is the awakening of consciousness, the birth and activation through many different shades of being.

When opening up who you are with a clear mind and heart you become aware. This awareness may or may not have an effect on you, as we also must include personal choice. Just as I have chosen my way, I too honor yours. No matter what path that may be.

One of the most profound things that can be done is to look closely at your surroundings. See and appreciate what is there and what you have right now. Do this; really look and you will see. In one years time there will be nothing that is the same.

When this time of challenge and bewilderment has passed, what will truly matter is our kindness and how we have treated and respected each other. - dbA


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