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Issue Number Seven

The Chaos Newsletter of Dan Abernathy- Issue Number Seven

Hello This Morning!

“As I walk towards total bliss, my world is mine and I travel through it with open eyes. To do so, to travel, to see, to feel and to experience change, I will continue t

o endlessly create myself.” - dbA

Vermillion Falls in northwestern Colorado

On a southbound excursion from Wyoming, and after absorbing the vitality of Irish Canyon, the next must do, is an unhurried sojourn at Vermillion Falls. I park at the top of the falls, walk to the edge and peer over so I can see and hear the water falling. Then, after I have filled myself with this moment, I slowly venture down and around, breathing in all of where I am at as I make my way to the bottom of the 25-foot waterfall. TO READ MORE CLICK ON LINK!

To see the complete Chaos Newsletter, Please go to and subscribe to the Chaos Newsletter. Be a witness to time in a converted school bus, “The Chool Bus,” and a vagabond lifestyle. Here my voice, be it in words, art, or my collections of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions.

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