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Dan Abernathy

January 31, 2022

I no longer check the news headlines to see what kind of rectal invasion the simulation has dropped each day. I have little care or want to be involved with the compliance of the global mockery and pandemic. I choose to not be part of the social unrest and I doubt there will ever be a complete rearrangement of the absurdity.

The altruistic crisis is not going away until humanity reboots with care and compassion, which is not going to be until the authoritarian power grab has ended. I no longer care who the winner might be.

It may seem that I do not care and I’m turning my back, but it’s because I do care. This is preservation, my way into an awakening. I avoid chaos and conflict and breathe life as I watch the sun breaking over the Wind River Range, filling me with living in the now, of now.

No matter what type of escape and evasions I deploy, I seem to be thrust into conversations with the unimaginative stuttering of a prosaic mentality dealing with political figures, celebrities and sports. Such trivialities of insignificant importance or value denounce my mind and tumble me towards a lower dignity. I must be away, far away, for my raven totem needs to be brought into the light.

I don’t believe I have so many “old school,” tendencies, although I do believe living is better the more simplistic it is. And, I will also add I have no fear of the branded name of pancake syrup. Collectively the human race could do better and live more with, alive. They would step back to what was, instead of running so blindly into what they’re told, could be.

It’s ludicrous that society has been trained to believe it is best served for all family members to separate each day and to go out and do things that, for the most part, they do not enjoy or even want for. Perhaps this is the largest misleading deception implemented for various erroneous reasoning ever imprinted upon humanity.

The underlings are no longer being controlled with swords, guillotines and fear of detection. They are being controlled by addiction and misconception. The digital heartbeat is becoming permanently attached to the body and mind while the soul hides in the shadows of suppression, blind and oblivious to all circumstances, destitute from enlightened knowledge. When all of your thoughts and secrets are freely given away, believing they are not stolen, “they” will know everything. Then the Oligarch will have all the tools to destroy who you are.

What has been forgotten is the way the establishment was established. They simply stole the land and property of the poor, surrounded themselves with weak minded psychopaths, as psychopaths fail to learn from experience, for protection. Then they give themselves a title so they could notarize the power of rule. They have been wielding this supremacy ever since, as they indoctrinate the underlings to believe what is real for them. They, once again, serve happy with the blatant growth of power as the world society is being rebooted.

As a dimensional tourist, I was told the thoughts of freethinking are not your thoughts. You are not a thinker and although, similar to rain, they will continue to fall on you, beware. It is just better to cover yourself, your mind is too delicate and in this absence of thought you will remain with compliance, a doer. When you find this comfort, we as a global society, will teach you how to survive in this strange new world order. You will be happy, will understand and start to numbingly enjoy why you conformed to this alternate timeline.

Right now, there is a lot that is happening all at once. What should be the contention of concern is, we are all going to have to learn to live with this. Or not.

Life is infinitely stronger than can be imagined. You are constantly being asked to alter yourself into a life form that can exist on this planet from a doctrine that has reduced the voice to an emojis that are so inaccurate, but with seeing and accepting them into vocabulary and life, we find comfort and belief seeing that the chicken is now larger than a car.

It is not that all hope is lost, as it doesn’t matter how dire or bleak it may seem, there is still hope. Trying to keep focus on now, rather than, then or when, removes the worry as you stare blankly at what is falling apart in front of you. Then, you might remember who or what was, before you were told what, who and what was.

No matter what you may think or feel, they are terrified by the lack of fear and the unwillingness to comply. They, the ones trembling as they look your way, didn’t spend their childhoods making secret magic potions out of fallen leaves, wild berries, twigs and moss, treasures found during the exploration of deep woods, alone and by themselves. They didn’t collect all these natural elements of nature, put them into a rusty Folgers coffee can and stir them with a dry stick, which was also picked up from the earth’s floor. And, right now…. It shows. – dbA

You can find more of the unfiltered insight of Dan Abernathy at and please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel, The Intrepid Explorer.


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