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Shrine of St. Joseph of the Mountains

Just down country from Prescott Arizona is the small quite town of Yarnell. It is full of treasures to see and rural people that are guarded but friendly. One of the grandest of all treasures that Yarnell holds, though not very well advertised, in fact it may seem a bit hidden, is the Shrine of Saint Joseph of the Mountains.

The Shrine of St Joseph of the Mountains statues were made of concrete in 1939 by a folk artist, Felix Lucero, who at he time lived under a bridge in Tucson. It was built as an appeal to Americans to promote the spirit of peace in their homes.

For more than 75 years the Shrine of St Joseph of the Mountains has been a destination for those knowing of its place of serenity and seeking contemplation. Easter being an almost annual pilgrimages each year for families. It is a peaceful experience to climb and meditate on the various Stations of the Cross. You will find nothing but peace here in this place of calm tranquility.

To see the photographs from this excursion please visit my wordpress blog.


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