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September 14, 2020

Contributing to the Chaos while

Living – Life – Large

Dan Abernathy

Back in the spring of this sullen and dark shadowed year, amidst all the chaos and manufactured fear, I tired of social media. I had weaned myself some time ago from spending precious intervals of time consumed in its scrolling addiction. I did however; continue to slightly dip my toe in trying to circulate a few moments of positivity. This was a gurgle of my thoughts. I made my splash without looking to see the ripple effect of likes, or getting caught up within any negative quagmire.

Nevertheless, in the spring when the new anarchy of negativity exploded, I found myself implementing my own means of social distancing. I detached myself even further from the toxic orb.

I posted new art work from time to time, but I slowed to a halt my words and images that I have shared for years trying to promote and induce thought while giving a bright glimpse of the beauty and excitement I find in so many things I see and feel.

The way a large portion of the population living in our so-called civilized life live is largely based on many different illusions. These misleading impressions of deception are willingly uniting the thinkless as they except and collaborate unquestionably. The fact is, that these guided ways and the many types of forgeries fed to us daily are also quickly forgotten. They are clocked with a false reality and simple become, the way, as we forget the reason for their origination.

Often and many times what I find, as I glimpse into this spinning vortex of this misleading fallacy of deception is a deity of Greek mythology. “Medea” was the goddess of illusion. Knowing this I find more understanding with the source of news and what is being delivered by the “media.”

Today, according to Pew Research Center, 62% of adults in the United States use social media as their news source. Facebook is leading this uncensored platform. Even though Facebook is a leading outlet of news, they are not liable for their content. They censor what is being posted but they cannot be held responsible for what is. Facebook is only a social networking site.

We fill ourselves with fear and disbelief as we open our eyes for that brief moment to see reality is being torn down all around us. Because of this fear, we, the so-called civilized society, again close our eyes and allow it to continue.

Right now we are being maneuvered with the use of fear, guilt and shame to be part of a populace that has lost its direction and will follow where thy are escorted. This direction does not have to be obeyed. Being your own person, an individual, is still highly possible with just a slight realization of who you truly are.

Ridicules rules, regulations, laws and dominant command will not infiltrate and infect the principles of your existence as long as you keep space in your heart for the pure, good and the unimaginable.

The greatest compulsion within our society is being enslaved to the habit and practice of constantly verbalizing your problems. If you want to awaken and experience a true shift of great consciousness start articulating the wonderment of living with joy.

Who you are is greatly influenced by what you say and who you think you are. When you constantly speak of fear, fear becomes your truth. When you constantly speak in anger, anger becomes your truth. When you constantly speak of hate, hate becomes your truth.

Knowing that all things are possible when you speak with the calmness of love and compassion this truth will be who you are. Who you are is only limited by how you project who you think you are.

I have minimized the need for the comfort and validation our society calls for as a convenience to live. I have reached a stage in being, as I’ve scrambled, tumbled and climbed throughout life, I now except and understand that I am about 97.5% feral. Perhaps I have somewhat reverted to the wild and removed myself from domestication. Though this is unpolished by todays meaningless standards, I doubt I will ever be able to be integrated back into society.

Now more then ever, amidst all this negativity that we are trying to live and survive in, there is a much greater need for the constant injection of positivity. It is hard to live a positive life and live it free, with a daily bombardment of negative elements allowed into your mind. - dbA


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