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Regurgitating Mistruths

The Washington Post recently printed that 466 days into his term, President Trump had spewed 3001 false or misleading claims. This number, which is now much greater as his unending untruthful dialogue grows at an astonishing rate of 9.5 false or misleading claims a day. These numbers I speak of have not been blindly pulled out of a hat, but are true and all have been fact checked and proven by numerous sources.

The Washington Post is kind calling this verbiage falling from his mouth, “false and misleading.” I believe what he verbalizes should be called what it is, BALD FACED LIES. Lies and untruths that are falling on the deaf ears of people who are seemingly so tarnished and brainwashed they no longer care, as they trip and blunder along being absorbed by the blind masses.

Now, after all the campaign rhetoric of, “Make America Great Again,” I believe Trump was only referring to corporate America as he began his modus operandi of regurgitating mistruths. While on one hand he likes to boast that he’s breaking records with the latest low unemployment figures, etc.. etc.. On the other hand, he and his administration are dancing the tango as the 2018 federal deficit hit the highest level of the last six years. The deficit jumped 17 percent to $779 billion at the end of Trump’s first fiscal year, according to the final figures released by the Treasury Department.

This was mostly due to the massive corporate tax cut that slashed rates from 35 percent to 21 percent. Corporate tax collections in the U.S. fell 22 percent, or $76 billion, in the fiscal year which ended Sept. 30.

The total federal debt, which combines annual deficits, was 78 percent of the nations entire gross domestic product in June. It hasn’t been that large a percentage since World War II.

Trump promised the tax cuts would pay for themselves by boosting business, which would produce more taxes. But that hasn’t yet happened, nor is there any fair and reasonable corporate tax reform. The Trump administration itself estimates that the deficit will increase to $1.09 trillion in the next fiscal year.

With all of these slighted hand games being played, I wonder how much revenue Trump himself is bringing into his shielded coffers. This is something else we will not know the truth of, as he will not release his tax records.

So ‘We The People,” are roaming in confusion as many of the current administration pawns are stumbling and falling if they don’t play the game, and even further removed are the many people living in the United States. As the, “Dumbing Down of America,” rises to epidemic proportions and accountability is something seemingly of the past, why do we look in disbelief of what’s going on, when what’s going on sourced from the top. – dbA


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