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Living – Life – Large

Dan Abernathy

January 02, 2022

The current governing body exercising political direction in administration, on all levels, be it the national, state or local community, do not want any of the inhabitants, social, cultural, ethical and racially to be capable of critical thinking. What is wanted from the corrupt and ungoverned manipulation is obedient workers. People lacking intelligence with the severity to passively accept any and all situations that are being handed to them with a sly, sinister smile.

Now calculate into this equation, the power of a mob and the mob mentality. We, as those who still honor and cherish freedom, should never underestimate the possession of control and command from unwise people and their ideals projecting safely and somewhat anonymously from large groups.

The “dumbing down of America,” a contagion craving the simpler way and becoming less intellectual without speech, while it is being performed in pantomime. This is blatantly evident in this slow decay of content, in the enormously influential media and the censorship of social media. The lowest common denominator is programmed into the presentations as we unite in the celebration of ignorance.

Each time I hear reference to liberal, the left and favorable reform advocating freedom of the individual, I turn my head in disgust while muttering, “Who could have possibly destroyed what was started with purity in the 60s?” The left has gone so far left it has slipped into the La Brea Tar Pits of extinction.

This time, or movement of seeking freedom when established institutions and values have been rejected. People sought spontaneity, expressed love and expanded consciousness and expressed it externally. The motive of this was to make a better place for all people, even when they didn’t share the same ideas or opinions.

With each left labeled remark or statement that is rehearsed and spoken today, the free spirited, free thinking flowerchild fades further into the imagination in a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind and thought of, “Make Love Not War.”

I have made a simple stand in defiance as I boldly refuse, and will no longer tolerate anything less than harmony for myself. This act of daring resistance is self-preservation and is done without infringing the rights of anyone else. It is choice and situation. I have no control over situations other than my own. However, I do have choice and I can choose to walk away.

In this world of what is now, with all the essential baggage of what we are asked to carry, I believe that what we all want is more than what is wanted from us. We all want to feel the way we felt before we were told we knew what we know, and feel now that it is filled with the things that encumber ones freedom.

It is said that not all storms arrive to disrupt your life. Some arrive to clear a path for your life. It is perception. Perhaps the storm that is devastating mankind now, is here to clear a passage for better ways. The outcome of this brutal storm that has tipped the balance, making all thought and action of the masses uneven, like all storms, must and will pass.

I fear the aftermath will be unlike anything we have ever seen. My hopes and prayers are that when it does pass and has dissipated back into the cosmos, we all will once again find calmness. We may learn that greed and corruption are no longer here or needed. We will look up and free ourselves from the manipulation of the device in the palm of our hands.

We will not dive into the Metaverse, which is defined most simply as a virtual world where people can socialize, work, and play. We will not care or listen to Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, poisoning us with his wave of the future where we will all live within a digital universe while he creates his trillion-dollar company.

We will refocus on what matters. We will feel and grow energy from Mother Earth. We will look to Father Sky and see that kindness and compassion are a way of being. Perhaps we will see that the old ways, the Ancient ways, when living was filled with gentle joy for humanity and what we had what we have is far more important then what we are told we want.

Of course I do have a clear and wise vision with my kaleidoscopic eyes. That is why I stay calm and smile. In the light of the morning sun as it magnifies all of my imperfections and allows the access to who I am. - dbA

You can find more of the unfiltered insight of Dan Abernathy at and please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel, The Intrepid Explorer.


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