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Living – Life – Large, With The Intrepid Explorer

Living – Life – Large, The Intrepid Explorer

Dan Abernathy

November, 7, 2021

As we lift our heads and open our eyes we cannot hide from seeing that we as a nation, are stumbling out of chaos and despondently falling into the political and social disorder of anarchy. As I have always been a rebellious nonconformist, I’ve shouldered the anarchist as they excite revolt. Not that I believe in overturning constituted forms of government and institutions of society, I just cannot accept, nonsensical rules, cages and shackles. I will not allow fetters upon who I am. I believe all people must be free.

There is little surprise when looking at the growing flaw, that people, regardless of stature, are the issues of the issues. It seems that they all have found a situation that needs a discussion or a debate. A problem requires a solution, but an issue has no real impact or significant affect on people, nor is it life altering. So, in an attempt for a false preservation, we minimize the possibility of solution while creating issues that go on and on and on, yet lead to no resolution.

In this world that is boiling over with what is, we are being manipulated and coursed to join in so we will be part of what is. All the time, not really knowing what is, is. I’ve found the only way to way to deal with this Marxist invasion in an un-free world is to completely, without hesitation or remorse, become so absolutely free, that your existence alone is an organized resistance in defiance, the true act of rebellion.

The rulers and so-called emperors have long known that intelligence is dangerous to their wants. Intelligence means freethinking as you remove all boundaries of thinking. When you start looking at what is, seeing and believing your own experiences without looking though the influenced filters of someone else, you will no longer believe in the script of what you are being told to believe.

It’s not that I accept all of life’s perspectives and realties. I have a freethinking mind to make my own realties of what trickles into my part of being. I do not try to impose my thoughts and beliefs onto others, though I will never shy from pointing out points of my observation. When I do, I’m not doing so to change your mind, only to evoking thought to feed your own being. I try, with all that I am, to do this with peace and calmness as I embrace the joy of freedom.

I believe in living with so much regard, I cannot be worried about the trivial characteristics involving conflict or contrast in an emotional situation that has no conclusion. I prefer not to worry about the number of tattoos that serve to designate to many. It is easier to not count and if you’re going to have a libation of any type don’t lower your standards to do so. Reach for what is on the top shelf.

My father told me, at a very young age, when you get old and are sitting on the porch all you will truly have is the book of your life that you have lived. Make sure that it is a good read. I act on this with a slow and deliberate stride each passing day. I’ve lived an amazing life letting my gypsy soul move me forward in a vagabond manner. More so than I believed my father ever imagined.

This path I will always continue, as I can find no reason to step off the trail. I just keep adding and following dreams as it keeps my soul free. Being a wandering troubadour is not just about the passageway. It is also about the energy of who you are, your higher self.

As I keep moving forward living, I do so free from negativity of any kind. Free of judgment and comparison from myself and from others. I walk forward free from conditioned patterns and free from imposed opinions of others. With each step, with each chapter I complete, I will be articulating my unique personal soul signature and I read my chapters out load.

I often find myself within the aroma of Nag Champa, returning to understand that there is deep absurdity trying to look to far for meaning. This is done because of the philosophical and literary doctrine that humans live in essential isolation in a meaningless and irrational world.

I, for myself, will not hide in the illusion created by a doctrine that has parameters. I embrace the absurdity of my condition and create my own true meaning of what I like, love and am obsessed with. Then reveal it in in snippets of chaos and confusion to keep my suchness obscured from those that are searching. - dbA

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