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Here Me Now!

Welcome to the chaotic and often strange life of a Quasi Spiritual Warrior Dan Abernathy. Because I can formulate my thoughts better with my fingers, which can lead to a whole other direction that we won’t be touching yet, I’ll be reading some of what you are hearing.

I am an outlaw poet, artist, and purveyor of words, Reiki Master, a minister, junkyard philosopher, and a vagabond searching for pure hedonistic meaning in his way of life. My voice, be it in words or in art, is a collection of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions – a road map of sorts, tracking the life of a man that can’t and won’t fit in. While making this visible to all, I practice the therapeutic healing of living in the now, among the mountains, deserts, oceans, and the bus. I do so without any recognized seal of social approval. I walk my path softly in search of a higher consciousness with the hope of leaving peace and compassion as his only footprints.

I make available 98% of all my freedom and perspectives, be they fluid and random thought, words of meaning, and words of too much meaning, or perhaps at times, meandering words and incomplete rants unleashed to the masses. They other 2% I keep to himself, archived and a waiting gift for the scholars and naysayers to decipher after I walk on.

What Am I Doing? Well I’m not really sure. I have been doing something for a long time and plan on doing a lot more. I guess, as I roll everything into an untidy wad, it will be governed by my journals. This is the tattered map of me, what I think, what I do and what I believe. So as I move forward with the Chool Cast, The YouTube Channel and the WordPress Blog, it is all just going to be me. I have been building this persona all my life and now, with reckless abandonment I am releasing it so all will tremble.

So in this extension of my journals, you will be seeing the true who, of who I am. And you will be witness to this man that prides himself of being an anti-conformist. I don’t fit in because I don’t want to.

What I have of monetary value is really nothing and I want even less. My most valuable commodity is my freedom to live this life of a nomadic vagabond. I live and work in the Chool Bus, a 1991 International converted school bus. I have a small studio in the back and I live in the front. My home of record is Pinedale Wyoming where my physical address is.

So I am houseless, but by no means am I homeless. My home is comfortable and welcoming to everyone with a good, kind heart. I just live on the road and I love life. I am happy! I love seeing people and I talk to them. I try with all that I am to bring a bit of good energy into their day. I do so because each morning I say to myself. Today I will be kind to people.

I look forward to going to bed at night and I look forward to getting up in the morning. I like to share what I’m thinking, seeing and doing. I do this to perhaps evoke a thought in someone or even better inspire them to go find there on sliver of freedom.

I do work, as I have not hit the lottery, hell I haven’t even bought a ticket. Living on the road does cost and I am always looking for ways to supplement my income. What I would really like is for everyone one to just go to my website and put one dollar in the donation jar. If this would happen just once a month I could repay everyone with a lot more of what I am doing. I also want to mention that I am really good company at dinner parties. I love good food and good wine even better and I have unending stories that only get more vibrant as the evening progresses.

I travel across the country selling my art at juried art festivals; I also sell another passion, my books of poetry.

Hear Me Now

Hear me now as I open the door to me.

I’m throwing it wide open,

for all to see the chaotic and eccentric existence what is lingering inside.

I have spent my life developing the persona you see here,

and now, with my spoken word,

I am revealing it for all of you to witness.

Words are my platform for random thoughts,

often meandering and incomplete;

rants, praise, love, words of no meaning and words of too much meaning.

You are hearing my voice.

It is my collection of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions –

a road map that tracks a vagabond walking in the dream

of a pure, pleasure-seeking life.

You are getting a glimpse into the state of my chaos and confusion

where there are no rules.

By looking through this door into my mind,

you will see that words and thoughts tumble from my tongue.

They will not stop, and they are ruled by none.

I speak of truth the way I see it, or the way I want to see it.

My intent will cause some to unite,

while others fear and call it blasphemy.

I chatter of love, compassion, loose women, lonely nights, crazy nights,

laughter and hard drinking,

while at the same time stopping to marvel at a flower, listen to a shadow,

or see the way a leaf has the most amazingly complex pattern.

I believe to know the light,

you also must know the dark.

I want no rules, and I feel that laws are to protect the fearful.

I am anarchy to moments of boredom and a heat source for the searching.

I do not hate and try to never to use the word.

I would rather love, and by no means do I fear kissing anyone

publicly, on the lips.

Compassion is my government.

God is real,

and no mater what he may be titled,

is tremendously too large to fit into any one religion.

Spirituality is like water, flowing universally,

transparent, unstoppable and satisfying the thirst of everyone it touches.

I look, I see, I listen and I inhale the richness

while capturing all the lessons I learn in this life.

I am a hedonist.

I want to touch the amazing pleasures of flesh, feel the wind in my face,

gaze at glorious vistas and allow them all

to fill me with their amazing wonderment.

I smile when I dance, listen to music at an extremely high volume,

smell wild aromas and try, with all that I have,

to fall in love each and every day.

I carry no recognized certificate, or seal of social approval,

but I walk my path boldly with the hope of leaving compassion

as my only footprint.

Welcome to my Chaos! - dbA


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