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Writers, Artist and Observers

One of the greatest and most valued gifts we give ourselves with being writers, artists and observers, it being the people living under these labels, allows us the excuse, or reason to wonder wide and far as travelers. To be this type of person gives you the drive to go, to look, to see and to share. As we gaze and explore with the wide eyes of a child, this wondrous excitement boils though us and erupts with the need to share. We give freely to the world, and in doing so we also know that but one person might take notice in our words, our photograph or our poem, and that is OK. We do what we do for ourselves first and sharing is part of the core obsession. If but one smile or thought was achieved, this is a magical gift back to us. What we do as a vagabond of life is not about the greater good of ourselves, it is about the greater good of all concerned. What we have touched and understood is that the world has enough rules, governing and Wall Street moguls. What is really needed more than anything else, are more healers, artists, storytellers, compassion and gifted lovers of all varieties.

Do Not Forget

Sometimes all it takes is to wake up, make coffee, and smell the aroma wafting though your dwelling with the anticipation and marvel at the euphoria of the first taste. Then, with unchecked time, you spend the morning in your journal. Other times, all it takes is to wake up and go to the coffee shop; sit among the people that come in and out on their zombie induced quest for coffee, as you stay hidden and seemingly camouflaged with unanimity inside the pages of your journal.

Then there are the times when you don’t get up; you stay in bed till noon watching old black and white movies while rubbing the feet of your lover with your foot. Here at this moment, there is little, or no concern with getting up and beginning any day.

Then there are the days that you grab a cup of coffee on your way to an empty beach, or to hike a game trail through the woods where there are no human tracks and the only thing there is to see and hug are the many trees that you are walking by.

There all also the times when you have nothing left and you escape into the mountains and seek no trail or path. You just want to walk deep into the thickest forest and become lost and surrounded by the titan-sized trees that reach up and touch the sky. Here you will find a small spring with the coolest of water erupting from the earth’s core and you will lie down on the moss and breathe in the life of mushrooms, flowers and wet soil until you become grounded and powered by the scents of the forest.

Then there comes the days that all you desire is to hike to a barren point, on a far off hill, and windswept knoll that holds nothing but a single rock. Here you sit and let your emotions erupt. On this mossy rock you will stay until the flow of tears stop and your mind returns to the breath, your smile reappears and love reunites with you and all that is in your life journey.

All of this is OK. There is nothing weak, or wrong with any of it. What is important is that you care for yourself and never lose the thought that no mater what any day will hold; everything is going to be all right.

The Brave People

My favorite people are the gypsies, vagabonds and bohemians. The free spirited, open minded that can vibrate their energy with any situation or conversation. These are brave people that hold no fear in exposing their authentic souls, or radiating the true person that that are.


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