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A Tale of Tequila

A Ta

le of Tequila

The Intrepid Explorer

This segment of the Intrepid Explorer started in 1870., in the heart of Mexico’s tequila regain, surrounded by blue agave plants was Casa Herradura. But there is also some discrepancy to this tale. It could have started in the summer of 2021 when I had the great fortune to meet the nomads Scott and Denel, with the Uprooted Soap Company. With the influence of Scott, what happened on this side of the ditch was the inception and birth of quest. To find just the most supreme nectar of the cacti to satisfy this new found obsession. Now we can place in the third factor of this tall.

I was in Denver Colorado at a liquor store that would have put a Super Wal-Mart to shame for size of the building. And with that phrase being used as reference I will also apologize for allowing the negative aspects of a Wal-Mart into the tall tell! She was a sells rep for Jack Daniels, a lifetime favorite that would be too much of a sentimental story to go into now, and Herradura Tequila. To save some time and truly and needless to say, I left the store with a bottle of Herradura tequila.

Now for the rest of the story we travel back to Pinedale and the wintery banks of Fremont Lake just outside Pinedale Wyoming.

All Words, Photography and Creative Process: by Dan Abernathy


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