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Chool Cast Episode 13

Contributing to the Chaos while Living - Life - Large Writing an opinion column is nothing new to me. In years past, more years then I would like to broadcast, the Pinedale Roundup was the birthplace of, From The Hip, a column slightly void of description except for being a platform of my observations, quirks and oddities.

From The Hip, covered many topics, leaving some with the nod of approval and smile, while others shook their heads in wonder and disbelief. There were readers that responded with praise, aggressive rebuttal and condemnation, or to perhaps just to express their confusion. All however, reacted because the column did what it was expected to do, evoke thought. This thought was, and now is, never delivered proposing you should follow it. It will be written to provoke a thought of your own, what ever that thought may be.

Not being freighted with change I couldn’t find a good reason to stay with the column title, From The Hip. I thought about it for some time and I always returned to what I have already been branding. Live – Life – Large, so that is what I kept. Contributing to the Chaos while Living – Life – Large an opinion column by Dan Abernathy

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