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The Chool Cast Episode 12

Strolling Around Sequim, Washington

To say Sequim, Washington is a hidden gem is as elusive as the title of the town itself. It was once believed Sequim meant, “quite waters,” but was later discovered by a tribal linguist to be wrong.

Timothy Montler, an expert in the study of dying languages has studied the Klallam language and interviewed elders. He determined the correct translation is, “place for going to shoot,” a reference to the Sequim-Dungeness Valley’s once-great elk and waterfowl hunting.

To continue reading Strolling Around Sequim, Washington and see many more photographs, please and the latest personal journal entries, please visit and follow the link to my WordPress blog.

Conversation With Someone You Should Know

This dialogue exchange was a fun! I was able to be witness to Zahira and the Rising Buffalo Tribe and to say I was moved with their performance would be a great loss of emotions. When I got to meet Zahira and invite her to the Chool Bus for a conversation, well we clicked. The rest was magic. She not only is a light worker and humanitarian she graces the realm of sound with her voice. Zahira is definitely, Someone You Should Know. Even with hearing her angelic voice, being in her presence was dancing in the realm of white light. I hope you felt the real compassion as I did. Find her on line and treat yourself to some bliss.

You can connect through here website at:


Zahira is definitely, Someone You Should Know.

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