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Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson I never knew Hunter S. Thompson, but my girlfriend did. When she lived in Aspen they got high together. She tells me he was pathetically funny, hugely intelligent, amazingly crazy, and had more books in his kitchen than she had ever seen before. I wish that I had known her when she knew Hunter S. Thompson. Then I would have been able write something about knowing this gonzo writer myself. Knowing her, is as close to knowing Hunter S. Thompson as I will ever get. He is gone now, for reasons that only Hunter S. Thompson will ever know. - dbA . PHOTO: from the eclectic restroom of the Sportsman Bar, Kingman AZ . From my 2nd book of poetry, I Don’t Shave on Sundays. Please go to my website to purchase. . Please Subscribe for Email Notifications. Join the free spirited people that are following my thoughts, ideas and inspirations and wandering travels in the Chool Bus. Subscribe and your name will be included in a Monthly drawing for a FREE Handmade Necklace.

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