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The Chool Cast Episode 7

Still climbing towards subculture notoriety in the finest of underground ways, the Chool Cast is the podcast you do not want to pass over. It is produced and recorded by Dan Abernathy while traveling the back roads, highways and byways in a converted 1991 International school bus named the Chool Bus.

In this episode I have a conversation with John Paravicini, a pirate with an opinion. Aided with a splash of Old Number 7, we throw rules to the gutter and spoke freely about topics most fear to make public with their names attached. An eye opening conversation, delivered to you from two guys in a bus.

A huge Thanks to my sponsors, Sellers Real Estate and Jeanne Hendrickson who supported the podcast by using the Donate button on the Chool Cast Page.


The Chool Cast can be found on ITunes and Soundcloud

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