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I'm Back

I’m not sure when it started or when it ended. It was in the 90’s, “back in the day,” which is an expression I have yet to understand. I wrote, “From The Hip,” a column for the Pinedale Roundup. It even went beyond the borders of our modest community, as it was pseudo-syndicated, finding a home in different publications across Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada. Some of you may remember it, as I did have a good readership, and thankfully, not everyone agreed with my opinions, i.e. the leaders of the Forest Service, the then Priest of the Catholic Church and an unnamed employee at the Great Outdoor Shop. I wrote what was on my mind with the hope of placing a spark of stimulation to evoke thoughts in others. When life found me living in England, I ended the column for lack of rural western stimulation. Now with the launching of the Contributor, I’m Back! I am pulling From The Hip back to the living. Now, even more than in the past, I have an open pallet to write on: events, situations and the nonsensical things that happen right here in our backyard. And what an orchard of endless bullshit happenings and situations will I have to draw from. The former ego driven Sheriff being arrested, and convicted at a civil trial, leading to his removal from office, the judge that won’t recognize or marry a gay couple, a mayor that well… this topic is an endless column in itself. The point, is there is an unending supply of head turning events. There are so many ludicrous things happening day-in and day-out, that for someone without fear of distributing words, has a bountiful harvest of topics. So, “From the Hip” is back and with it may I evoke thought, laughter and the idea that freedom from being subdued is the one commodity we cannot loose. The Ending Conclusion: The trust form of freedom is not so much what’s found from the vagabond on the road. True freedom is to speak, live and grow with the thoughts inside your freethinking mind. Freedom is not curtailing your thoughts from the fearful.


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