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to the chaotic and often strange life of a Quasi, Clumsy Spiritual Warrior, Dan Abernathy. This is the weekly Newsletter where I share with you my voice, be it in words, art, or my collections of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions. Here I will make available 98% of all my perspectives, be they fluid and random, meandering and incomplete, or things I have completed and offering. They other 2% I keep to himself, archived and a gift for the scholars and naysayers to decipher later on. This will all be delivered to you via the web, whether I am roaming the road in his converted 1991 International school bus, The Chool Bus, home in Pinedale, Wyoming or briefly hanging my hat in another dusty corner of the world.

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The Chaos Newsletter

The  Weekly Newsletter of Dan Abernathy

Issue Number Twelve

August 2, 2017


Hello This Morning!

“There is a bandit out there that you only contain the strength to keep away. This pickpocket hides from no one, has no remorse, nor does it care who it may be with. This thief will steal your joy without hesitation. This hoodlum is known world wide as comparison.”  - dbA


The Chool Bus

Notes from a vagabond lifestyle and living on the road in a converted school bus, dubbed, “The Chool Bus,”


Road Ready!!!!

Chronologies – Excerpts – Fragments – Reflections,

From The Journals of Dan Abernathy


Vermillion Falls

On route again with a recent road trip collecting new tires for the Chool Bus. If you want to talk trip, dialogue about obtaining big tires. WOW! We traveled into North Western Colorado, where my route always puts me though Irish Canyon and a rejuvenating sojourn at Vermillion Falls. This falling water is fuel for my soul. On this quick southern excursion, I was able to spark spontaneity with David Klaren. He closed shop and went with me. I found no reason for the radio as the conversation was nonstop and it was nice showing him a place that meant so much to me. He too felt the mist of energy covering the arid landscape. – dbA


New Pieces from Chaos Creations

I’ll be at Sweet Pea Art Festival in Bozeman Montana this weekend, the 4th, 5th and 6th. This is a great show and the third year I have done it. Please come by and hay HI!!


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This week, in the Oral Art of the Spoken Word, brings more stimulating words from,


This week, in the Oral Art of the Spoken Word, brings more stimulating words from, Jocelyn Moore, from Pinedale Wyoming and Al Simmons from Alameda, California.


Please click through, you will enjoy these words and if you have a stanza or two, submit your poetry for possible publication. Submission details are inside this section.


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Go here to see what Art Festival I’ll be at, what destination my journey is taking me to, or what lonely highway I will be getting lost on. Click on the Calendar link. Click on the Calendar link.

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