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to the chaotic and often strange life of a Quasi, Clumsy Spiritual Warrior, Dan Abernathy. This is the weekly Newsletter where I share with you my voice, be it in words, art, or my collections of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions. Here I will make available 98% of all my perspectives, be they fluid and random, meandering and incomplete, or things I have completed and offering. They other 2% I keep to himself, archived and a gift for the scholars and naysayers to decipher later on. This will all be delivered to you via the web, whether I am roaming the road in his converted 1991 International school bus, The Chool Bus, home in Pinedale, Wyoming or briefly hanging my hat in another dusty corner of the world.

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The Chaos Newsletter

The  Weekly Newsletter of Dan Abernathy

Issue Number Nine

July 03, 2017


Hello This Morning!

Each time I get lost, which happens often in various degrees of disorientation, I get found by myself. It’s a breathtaking moment as if getting misplaced is the portal to a new beginning ” - dbA


A small Except of Brian Ernst playing at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market


A joyous time was had last week as my dearest friends came into town on their way to play a few gigs in Jackson. Brian and Katie Ernst are without a doubt the most amazing people walking the earth. Each moment I spend with them I grow with the blessing of unconditional love and spirituality. They not only travel the world playing music, but they also run a humanitarian organization, Journy4YOUth. And if this is not enough when some catastrophic event happens in the world, there is a high probability that they are volunteering to be there and aiding the people that are suffering. They are without hesitation and never looking for a reward or compensation the kindest most compassionate people that I have ever known. I am a better person for having these people in my inner circle.

 Please go to their websites and see what they are doing.  -

People Spread Love


While at the Farmers Market on Saturday to watch Brian play, I got to meet and get a hug from Heather DeVine, who founded People Spread Love, which is a social movement that spreads love to individuals through simple notes of love composed by volunteers.  These "notes of love" which could be anything from a card, note, poem, drawing or a simple token -- the intention is to spread love. Whether it is in a time of need (grief, sorrow, loss, depression, illness) or simple recognition, human beings need human connection. Some people don’t get the support they need in their lives for one reason or another. Go to and get involved with this one, as we all need more love in our lives, both giving and receiving.


New Pieces from Chaos Creations

This piece is made from antique pocket watch cover and the handle of an antique silver spoon. Recycled copper wire was pounded flat and riveted with handmade rivets. Raw turquoise was wrapped and hung from center loop. Fastening hooks are handmade. Chain is treated copper. #93717, $118


Go to the Jewelry Store at  Chaos Creations to purchase this unique piece.

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Contribute Chaos, the Oral Art of the Spoken Word.

I have included all the poetry from the past issues of the Contributor and opened up a poetry section that will be ongoing into the future. I will be posting a weekly selection of poetry from myself and other poets. Please click through this and have a read and submit your poetry for possible publication. Submission details are inside this section.


The Seven Elements of the Essential Way



Calmness is the mental state of peace the mind being free from agitation, or disturbance. It is a state of serenity, tranquility, and peace. Calmness can most easily occur during a state of relaxation, but to own calmness, is to find it during the times of agitation and regain calmness you wish to live.  Calmness is found when;

Recognize how much your thoughts affect your feelings – change your self-destructive thinking. 


Stop trying to be something you’re not meant to be. 

Stop trying hard to please other people all the time. 

See life as an adventure, full of possibilities. 

Be grateful for the small things that brighten up your day. 



The Chool Bus

Notes from a vagabond lifestyle and living on the road in a converted school bus, dubbed, “The Chool Bus,”

With just a couple of exceptions, everything in the Chool Bus was gathered from thrift stores and Re-Stores. This is the way of upgrade and remodel in my traveling home. The last treasured find was carpet from the Food Basket, $10, not having enough, frustrating. Mary finding me a bit more, almost the same color, Priceless! I always kick off my sandals on the way into the Bus, so now my toes drift across the floor in complete euphoria!! I also found a new comfortable passenger chair $5.


Go here to see what Art Festival I’ll be at, what destination my journey is taking me to, or what lonely highway I will be getting lost on. Click on the Calendar link. Click on the Calendar link.

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