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to the chaotic and often strange life of a Quasi, Clumsy Spiritual Warrior, Dan Abernathy. This is the weekly Newsletter where I share with you my voice, be it in words, art, or my collections of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions. Here I will make available 98% of all my perspectives, be they fluid and random, meandering and incomplete, or things I have completed and offering. They other 2% I keep to himself, archived and a gift for the scholars and naysayers to decipher later on. This will all be delivered to you via the web, whether I am roaming the road in his converted 1991 International school bus, The Chool Bus, home in Pinedale, Wyoming or briefly hanging my hat in another dusty corner of the world.

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The Chaos Newsletter

The Sorta Weekly Newsletter of

Dan Abernathy

Number Six

June 21, 2017


Hello This Morning!

“In our world of spirit, we clench no barrier with distance and silence. When two souls have united, the Universe guides their whispers and unites them in the heart.”  - dbA


A Notable Image

  The old sign at the Victory Hotal, Maybel, Colorado

Words Of Wisdom – Words of too Much Wisdom

Life is as simple as a journey into an open vista, or a narrow canyon. It’s a walk across an arid desert, or an alpine meadow. At times it is even strolling across concrete slabs and broken glass. There is no reason for life to become complicated and it won’t, as long as you maintain your stride to be open and free. - dbA

 The Strawberry Days Festival


Had a good show at Strawberry Days in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Made some new friends, visited with some old ones and confirmed to myself that doing Art Festivals, is truly a vibrant lifestyle to run in. Some way, have no idea how, but between Peoples Fair in Denver and Strawberry Days I busted the frame of my booth tent. I got it up, for one more show! But it took some rope, lots of duck tape, a trip to Lowes for some metal bars for braces, a bit of ingenuity and an amply amount of prayer. I made it through the show, but this tent has lived its lifespan and won’t be going up again.



New Pieces from Chaos Creations

Made from a large copper pipe what I split, and pounded flat then cut and filed some design pieces and folded them over just large enough to fit chain and riveted it with hand made rivets, then placed Blue Buffalo turquoise. Fastening hooks are handmade. Chain is treated copper. Overall size is approximately 2 1/2” X 2 3/4”. $118


Go to the Jewelry Store at  Chaos Creations to purchase this unique piece.

Poetry from an Anti-Conformist and Outlaw Poet



Featured Poem of the Week

From the new Chapbook, My Mind Has Forgotten to Age


My Mind Has Forgotten to Age


My mind has forgotten to age

as I have lived my life

within the continuation of avoidance

towards living in default.

Default is what was easy,

but never what felt alive.

From within my journals I look back,

finding the broken pieces of yesterday.

The sights, thoughts and recollections

now allocated to, was.

Turning each page

I seek a sanctuary of where I’ve been,

longing to find the place to rest

the glove of being,

while who I am walks on.

There is no room

where my family rests,

miscalculation and migration

have filled the family plots.

I think about my final moment

feeling misplaced and somewhat lost,

as I do not know

where my tombstone goes.


My New Chapbook

My Mind Has Forgotten to Age

My Mind Has Forgotten to Age, is the first Limited Edition, 333 signed and numbered, Chapbook in an unnumbered series categorized as, Chronologies – Excerpts – Fragments – Reflections, From The Journals of Dan Abernathy. Each of the 23 poems were documented after conception, in my journals as will as the drawings. The 13, drawings you will see are also, excerpts and fragment of a completed larger drawing. I have chosen to present them to you in this fashion, to leave a slight grain of mystical wonderment for the future. $6.00

Click Here to Order You Copy Today

Journal Page

Packing mules with Grant Beck, during the summer of 2000. What a thrilling summer and to spend time with Abi and Grant in the mountains was nothing short of wicked fun.


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