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This handmade piece is built using part of an old key. Hanging from bottom are 2, 1936 Buffalo Nickel. Fastening hooks are handmade. Chain is treated copper. Overall size is approximately 1 X 3  inches


The Buffalo Nickel was designed to commemorate the American Indian.


The Buffalo Nickel, or Indian Head coin was designed in 1912 by James Earl Fraser, best known for his monumental “End of the Trail” Indian sculpture. It was part of the Mint’s campaign to beautify American coinage. It’s known as being one of the more distinct and eye appealing coins capturing the beauty of the American West.


This unique coin stepped away from the traditional Lady Liberty by also featuring a realistic portrait of a Native American. The portrait is a composite of three different Native Americans: Chief Iron Tail of the Oglala Lakota, Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne, and Chief John Big Tree of the Kiowa.


On the reverse side of the coin is an American buffalo named Black Diamond, served as the model.  Black Diamond was a resident at the Bronx Zoo. Ironiclly it was later sold for slaughter.


Honoring the rich cultural heritage of Native American people, I look with understanding at the wisdom of the ancient ones and see them as guides to what could be. The buffalo is a symbol of self-sacrifice; it gives until there is nothing left.

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