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Gleenwood Springs, Colorado!

Took the day today, on this Summer Solstice, and

explored the town of Gleenwood Springs. I found a few

sites that caught my eye and with all the looking I also

seemed to fulfill my hedonistic way of being. There are

some really nice, friendly people here in the lower

valley. I was going to have a soak in the Hot Springs, but with the number of small children I saw splashing on this hot summer afternoon, I feared there might be more urine then sulphur impregnating the healing waters. So, after being enlightened by my friend, Lisa McIntyre, I opted for the Yampah Vapor Caves. The experience was intense and amazing. I sit in a dark corner, in meditation and sweat, traveling into a deeper place to be with who I am and the experience that I was being gifted with. I truly left the caves with a bit more enlightenment of me, then when I went in. The Yampah Vapor Caves have hot mineral waters flowing through the floors at 125 degrees, creating a natural geothermal steam bath. The Mountain Ute Indians, the original inhabitants of the area, regarded these caves as a sacred place for healing. I found nothing lost in their perception of these caves as you enter them with a mind and a heart that is open to receive the blessing that they give you. - dbA

Yampah Vapor Caves

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