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Blue Horses

Bleu Horses

From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy


The Bleu Horses are a herd of 39 horse sculptures created primarily of steel and permanently installed on a hillside off Highway 287, just north of Three Forks, Montana. This apoctalitic heard of horse sculptures average 8 feet high at the withers. The name of the installation, “Bleu Horses” is taken from a color of horse known as the blue roan.

The horse sculptures were created by artist Jim Dolan, of Belgrade, Montana. Dolan spent 15 months and his own money to create, transport and install the horses as a gift to the people of Montana. These sculptures are realistic enough to appear live from a distance but once you are close you’re drawn to their futuristic stature. Walking among these quiet horses, 12 of which have moving heads, a stillness of being transfers you to a time of chilling uncertainty. A time of being mesmerized with what is, what could be or what will be. - dbA


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