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SOLD - The Tree that Won’t Quit

SOLD - The Tree that Won’t Quit


The Tree that Won’t Quit

Fremont Lake, Wyoming

Wooden Print

This image, photographed by Dan Abernathy, was printed on wood. The wood grain is visible in lighter areas. The wood image is wrapped with copper, patinaed, then mounted to reclaimed wood, which raises it from the background approximately ¾ of an inch. The edges of the background have also been wrapped with copper and patinaed.

Overall size is Approximately 12” X 18”

Photographic Image Size is Approximately 8” X 8”



The Wooden Prints are part of the eclectic Somniative Collection, which has no borders or parameters. This collection is inspired and created from found natural objects and or rusted metal from abandoned dumpsites. These old, antique reclaimed and repurposed metallic objects are used to enhance the uniqueness. These are one-of-a-kind, completely created by the hands of the artist.

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