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Moose Number Two  - Please Inquire For Pricing

Moose Number Two - Please Inquire For Pricing


Wyoming Moose Number Two

Original Pen & Ink

The Art of Dan Abernathy


"Moose" is derived from the native North American Algonquian Indian word, meaning "twig eater."


Wyoming Moose are the smallest of the four North American Moose subspecies. A Shiras Bull Moose stands nearly 6 feet high at the shoulder and can weigh up to 1,100 pounds. Their antlers are palmated, as distinguished from the long tines of other deer family species


A moose’s spirit shows that you are full of knowledge and wisdom. This trait makes you unique and able to go through anything in life. Also, people always look up to you to help them make key life choices. This meaning comes in because moose are wise. These animals are also honest with every choice they make. Sometimes, you can fail to be aware of these abilities in you. But that shouldn’t worry you because you have room to show your full power. You should also never misuse these skills. Ensure you help people to make their lives better through your wisdom.


The moose spirit animal is often associated with strength, determination, and tenacity. It's also a symbol of good fortune and abundance. When the moose appears in your life, it's a reminder to stay grounded and focused on your goals. Moose also represent introspection and stillness.


Moose symbolism is not letting yourself be overcome by the stresses and demands of life, just enjoy life’s little surprises. It is knowing you know that you, and only you, have the right to make your choices in life.


This Original Pen & Ink is created on cold pressed heavy weight watercolor paper, matted and framed with patinaed copper. Overall size is 16” X 22”.

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