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Live-Life-Large Pin

Live-Life-Large Pin

Help the Chaos Flow
with a Contribution of only $5.00

Live-Life-Large, is a call to the open minded who desire more life than the influx of mundane. It is the essential voice to illustrate a venue of sharing, showing and divulging travel, art, food and frolic as a vagabond who walks softly, but boldly, in dreams of a pure, hedonistic way of being. To Live-Life-Large, is to live life on your own terms and not let conventional behaviors obstruct your decisions.
Live-Life-Large, is not living within an organized system where the possibilities are great to misplace the natural curiosity towards life, and thinking becomes controlled. In the worst cases the death of obscure interests will finalize the end, and your existence will find a false contentment in listening to conventional wisdom.
Live-Life-Large, means investigating every avenue that interests you while living in the Now and being mindful of the fact that conventional wisdom can be challenged. Live-Life-Large, means being able to appreciate life from another persons point of view, while defining your own rules, your own standards and living every moment according to them. Live-Life-Large means disallowing life, as it is being depicted by social norms, from getting in the way of living.

These words are on the back of the card that comes with the Lie-Life-large Pin

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