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Swimming With Fairies and Gnomes
When I stepped onto the soil at Krause Springs I

received a deep, rich gong repeating itself in a slow,

rhythmic and solid sound that conducted a shiver of

awareness throughout the all of me. I thought I had

relocated myself into a Buddhist monastery and was

hearing the therapeutic chants of the Monks. But it

was merely a splendid garden, rich with flowers,

shrubs, flowing water and wind chimes hanging from

century old trees. These chimes were built to inject a

steady, pulsing vibration to anyone passing by while

delivering a hypnotic halt before the next footstep.
     These chimes were from four to six feet long and

about six inches across and held no room for any

tinkle. The sound was enchantingly soul piercing and I

stood for unmeasured time misplaced within the high

vibrations. I think it was a type of cleansing for the

next passage to the springs.
     I was told that Krause Springs was a nice place to visit. But, what I found was a

magical place that with the slightest of an uncluttered mind would keep yourself lost

indefinitely, which I did, freely without counting a single moment of time.
     The smooth rocks skewed into the depths on one side and the water fell into the

small pool from the other side, while slightly covering a shallow cave. I walked across

the warm rocks, to the far side and quickly prepared myself for the emersion into the

depths of the enchanted water.
     With a large splash I was deeply submerged and as I opened my eyes, seeking the

light as I returned to the surface there were darts and dashes of movement in the

water with me. As my head broke the waters surface and the taste of air refilled my

lings, there were more darts and dashes. For a brief moment I questioned, then realized

where I was and without wonder I accepted the conception that there were fairies and

gnomes swimming with me. I believe this might have been the first time that I have

shared water with them. And I am going to keep this belief close to me.
     Krause Springs is slightly hidden in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas;

near Spicewood and about 30 miles form Austin. If you travel there and do

so with an open heart, I am sure you too will find fairies and gnomes

frolicking in and around the water.
     This 115-acre property is listed on the National Registry of Historical

Sites and has been privately owned by the Krause Family for over 50 years.

There is also camping available, but under no circumstances are pets allowed.

I’m thinking perhaps some type of conflict with the smaller inhabitants.
     Krause Springs has many natural sites to explore. There are 32 springs on

the property, and several feed the natural pool that flows into Lake Travis.

It is more then a refreshing treat to swim in the springs. Washing the day

away here is something not soon lapsed. It is unforgettable and when you see

movement over your shoulder look quick, as what you are seeing is real. - dbA



Krause Springs

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