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Pen & Ink
Jae Foundation

Acrylic on Metal
The Sanctuary

Hoof & Boots

Limited Edition Print on Wood

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The whole idea and inspiration for the “Hoof & Boots” drawing came about in the spring, when The Sanctuary asked to create a piece of art for the 2023 Jae Foundation Auction. 


The Sanctuary, named out of Ezekiel 11:16 "...yet I will be to them a sanctuary,” is a residential trauma therapy center being built near Pinedale, Wyoming. Here as well you'll find a family of horses with a common history; they have all been rescued. Each horse in our Sanctuary Horse family, has or is currently being rehabilitated to assist with the upcoming Equine Therapy programs at The Sanctuary


The Jae Foundation exists to create boot-check moments, moments where we put down the distractions of life to reach out and really check in on how those near us are really doing. The Foundation is having an impact on mental health and suicide prevention/awareness through creating boot check moments throughout the intermountain region and beyond.


The idea was to symbolically bond horses and cowboy boots together which I did with “Hoof & Boots.” Utilizing my version of stippling, I begin with a pen & ink drawing, which sold at the 2023 Jae Foundation Auction. Then it was completely redrawn larger on a cold pressed steel background, which I rust. Allowing the paint to mix with the dust of the rust creates a unique, weathered expression. Again, utilizing my version of stippling, with acrylic pens. With great pride I was honored to have The Sanctuary purchased this piece for their future office.



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