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       Dan Aernathy

       Jocelyn Moore.




The Spoken Word

February 2017

The Gate

The day
became tolerated
and I became welcome
to a mystical heaven.

I pondered slightly,
standing at a unassuming
tarnished gate,
a gate surrounded with picturesque
and divine flowers.

Lilies of the Valley,
threaded with love,
assuring all who passed by
a true moment of happiness.

The gate,
so very mysterious,
as it does not open,
nor does it close.
It leads to nowhere,
yet can take you anywhere.
With the slightest
of unconfined imagination,
it becomes the portal
to everyplace intended.

I strolled up
warn wooden steps
with fresh, vibrant rose pedals.
The huge glass door opened
and there she appeared
in the most mystic of ways.

A gypsy goddess,
with enchanting eyes,
open arms waiting
to meet mine.
Her smile
and crimson lips
enticed me over the threshold
into the uncharted world
of the anonymous.

- Dan Abernathy

My Gypsy Goddess

I saw her once,
this enchanted gypsy goddess
as she stepped from a waterfall
and vanished into a sparkling pool.

Emerging in front of me
the water from her hair
streamed down her chest
and slowly turned to jewels
as it dripped
from her indigo nipples.

She said nothing,
but I knew.
I was coming back to us
from moments granted
by her erotic sisters.

- Dan Abernathy


A Blessing

A dull, gray. winter day,
an eagle circling, seeking pray.
No shadow cast as he flew past,
creating yin / yang
circles in the sky.
A profound display
of black and white;
our spirits joined
in “Namaste”
As he departed in his flight
my soul soared with him
as he lift my sight.
Left below, rooted in life;
a wingless lump of clay
searching for the light.

- Bonnie McDonnell
 from Dresser, Wisconsin

I Breathe

I don’t know how to be when I’m not connected to the trees the streams the pure and holy things
I breathe
I grieve
I open my eyes to see
at times I see beauty, the potential in every living thing
at times I see destruction the walking dead a mass illusion
Balance in all things
Harmony in the chaos
Breath that sustains us
Why don’t we teach our children to plant seeds?
Why don’t we teach them that the earth gives to us all we need?  
Why don’t we teach peace?
We say we are free and freedom isn’t free but we’re all in debt to society
water sun and soil
flowers bees and trees
These are the ingredients to the life we need-the life that frees-the life that feeds
Yet we choose blood sweat and toil
We sign away our time
We buy things our own money can’t buy-beyond our needs-beyond our means
At the expense of the least of these
Don’t give away your time
Don’t waste your life
Lift your eyes
Find your spirit it lives inside
Recognize the lies
Breathe life into your heart body mind
There no such thing as time
There’s no lack

Trials-difficulties-illusions of suffering
these are all turning the silver to gold
the knowledge to wisdom
the young to old
 - Katie Ernst
You can find and follow her on
Instagram @wherethewatersflow


Contributing to the Chaos is Seeking Poetry Submissions!


Contributing to the Chaos is seeking well-crafted poems, three poems per submission. Include poets name, location, where to be followed on the web. Expect a semi-timely response. We publish poetry on a weekly basis.  As of now, the Contributing to the Chaos cannot pay for poetry, but poetry and links will be kept live on the website.  Email them with subject title, Poetry Submission – Your Name, to


What we like:

Contributing to the Chaos and its readers like travelers, vagabonds and gypsies of all shapes and sizes, especially those with a sense of bohemian vagrancy of dark, jovial and yet humble, the ones that are electrified to be known as an outlaw poet. Beatnik type poems with a little sparkle and a lot more grime that would make Boroughs, Bukowski and Brautigan take note.  Above all we are a kind bunch that care for nature and the natural way of being while seeking a hedonistic way and we love to laugh. If you fit into this wide range of anti-conformity and can contribute, or just have something that totally doesn’t fit into any category but you want us to read, please send them in.


Contributing to the Chaos is a weekly newsletter that promotes the eclectic ways of Dan Abernathy, but in doing so he surrounds himself with like-minded talented people that bring us all to life. Thought provoked freethinking that flows towards free speech. It’s an underground type newsletter for open minded people highlighting the arts, hot springs, poetry, travel, moments of compassion, moments of political stupidity and all the wonderful oddities that catch the eye. A place where no is seldom heard.

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