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Dakota Hot Springs

Dakota Hot Springs, Penrose Colorado. One of my newest missions for the year is to see how many different hot springs I can soak my immoderately large mass in. So begins the quest at Dakota Hot Springs, in southeastern Colorado. It's pretty cool.... no I can't say cool. It's hot, small and commercialized and could use a bit of maintenance, and a paintbrush here and there, but none of this holds any bearing on the water. I like hot springs closer to nature but hot waters that heal are still healing, no mater what is bottling it in one place. This hot spring is a nice diversion on any road trip. The people here are fantastic and super friendly. I soaked three times and the late night soak was influenced with some great conversation with the fellow soakers. Dakota Hot Springs is clothing optional, but the universe was protecting all eyes from viewing this old fat man. Tuesday, the day I cannonballed in for a soak, is the only day of the week that swimwear is a must. It might of curtailed a fleeting moment of pure freedom, but the waters were still healing and washed the long drive away. (As cameras of any type was not allowed in I could not make my own photo. This fantastic image is by Martin Prosek.

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