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Art Carneys For Playa Gigante

This small fishing village of Playa Gigante, Nicaragua is severely struggling. Because of the political crisis in Nicaragua, the loss of tourism, and the unemployment is at an all-time high. Playa Gigante is a small fishing village located north of San Juan del Sur, on the Southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. The village has a small population of about 500 and they are some of the most gracious people I have ever met, but they are in trouble. With the fishing and tourism industry suffering greatly, the unemployment rate is rapidly increasing. These proud people are hurting. They need help feeding and caring for their families.


I too am now involved and asking for your help, to help them. In the forth-coming future you will be hearing about humanitarian plans to assist this village, and a strategy to raise money for Gigante, via donations and art sales. My goal is to raise $1000 per month. If we can do this, the entire village can be supplied with Gallo Pinto, (beans and rice) and compassionately assisted. In the greater plan of things, $1000 dollars is a truly a very small amount, but to them it is massive.

If you are in possession of one of those kind souls and would just like to give a donation of love please contact me. Even the smallest amount will help greatly. I guarantee that each dollar received will be going to help these proud people. Not one dime will be spent on administration fees or salaries to a CEO. Please contact me if you would like to donate something or have any questions about helping. You can also go to my website, and click on the link, Art Carneys For Playa Gigante, it will take you to a Donation button. Myself, Khaki and all the people of Playa Gigante will be forever grateful for your random act of kindness.


I want to give out a Massive Thanks to anyone moved to find the Donate button. With just a small amount of kindness and compassion you will be helping so much.


There will be a list of donations received. Please let me know when you make the donation if I can post your name and amount, or if you prefer I will keep it anonymous.

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Thank You

Myself, Khaki and all the people of Playa Gigante are forever grateful for your random act of kindness. 100% of your donation will be put to use to help those that need it.  It is the actions like yours that make the world a better place!


Donations are not about the amount. They are about the Compassion!

January 2020

Richard Lucas - $50

Cheryl Essington - $20

Angelina Deans - $20

Mathieu Jean Robinette – Rooster - $5

Kitty O'Donnell - $2

Amanda Templar - $20

Tommy Sue Kissell - $25

Steve & Susan Elliot (Art Carney) - $75

Cheryl Essington - $20 (Monthly)

Brad Reimers - $250

Steve & Susan Elliot (Art Carney #2) - $75

Anonymous -$100

Steve & Susan Elliot (Art Carney #3) - $75

February 2020

Steve & Susan Elliot (AC #4) – 2/11 $75

Cheryl Essington – 2/15 - $20 (Monthly)

Steve & Susan Elliot (AC #5) – 2/24 $75

Dave Katona – 2/24 - $25

March 2020

Steve & Susan Elliot - $75

Brad Reimers – $250

Cheryl Essington – $20

Brad Reimers – $250

April 2020

Cheryl Essington –  $20

Brad Reimers - $250

Lisa Robertson - $100

May 2020

Brad Reimers - $250

Cheryl Essington – $20

Steve & Susan Elliot –  $20

Brad Reimers - $250

June 2020

Brad Reimers - $250

Cheryl Essington – $20

Total to Date: $2,617.00

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