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I have driven by numerous times but not once did I ever veer off Highway 40 for a visit. That was until the other day, when a friend swept into a quick excursion to be mentally and spiritually refueled. Though I only experienced a smidgen of what Dinosaur National Monument is all about, the couple hours spent inside this 329.44 square mile park, was truly amazing. I touched the flow of the Green River, smelled juniper berries, marveled at ancient rock art and visited Josie’s homestead, one of many scattered throughout the park. I even hiked up Hog Canyon, while smiling to myself of the local chatter I heard of Josie calling it Pig Canyon. As this quiet canyon was right out her front door, I would of thought her name of the canyon wild have stuck.


The Time there was just a brief moment in the Park and I doubt I ever drive by again without spending some time in this gem, located on the northern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Dinosaur National Monument did what it was intended to do and I can only imagine how one would feel if your visit there lasted a few days. I also heard there were dinosaur bones sticking out of some rock ledges and that is something this far-weathered vagabond needs to go touch.

Dinosaur National Monument,

     Story and photography by Dan Abernathy

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