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SOLD - Buffalo Skull Number Five - SOLD

SOLD - Buffalo Skull Number Five - SOLD


Buffalo Skull Number Five

Acrylic on Metal

The North American Bison is the most revered animal to the Plains Indian and other tribes within North America. Tatanka provided abundance in the form of food, clothing, medicine, tools and shelter. Also, as important, this includes the physical and spiritual needs of the people that were dependent on the Buffalo.


The skull was used for sacred ceremonies, serving as conduits for prayers to Wakan Tanka. Skulls were also placed outside of lodges, offering information about the dwellers inside as well as protecting them. Today, Tatanka continues to be an important symbol to Native American tribes who still perform sacred ceremonies and utilize the skull and its meaning to protect their lodge and offer prayers to Wakan Tanka.


Because of the American buffalo's great importance to the people, a buffalo symbol or skull is present in all sacred rituals. It stands as a reminder of this great animal which gives completely of itself for others. The buffalo is a symbol of self-sacrifice; it gives until there is nothing left.


The buffalo is a symbol of self-sacrifice; it gives until there is nothing left. To be generous and give what you have to others in need, or to honor them, is one of the most highly respected ways of behaving.


Redrawn from the pen & ink on paper, this piece is on cold pressed steel using acrylic paint pens. The background metal is rusted and painted. Allowing the paint to mix with the rust creates a unique, weathered color and expression that becomes one of a kind. The edges are wrapped in patinaed copper. The back is finished and has D-Rings for hanging. Overall size is Approximately 26” X 34” 

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