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Live-Life-Large, is a call to the open minded who desire more life than the influx of mundane. It is the essential voice to illustrate a venue of sharing, showing and divulging travel, art, food and frolic as a vagabond who walks softly, but boldly, in dreams of a pure, hedonistic way of being. To Live-Life-Large, is to live life on your own terms and not let conventional behaviors obstruct your decisions. 
      Live-Life-Large, is not living within an organized system where the possibilities are great to misplace the natural curiosity towards life, and thinking becomes controlled. In the worst cases the death of obscure interests will finalize the end, and your existence will find a false contentment in listening to conventional wisdom. 
       Live-Life-Large, means investigating every avenue that interests you while living in the Now and being mindful of the fact that conventional wisdom can be challenged. Live-Life-Large, means being able to appreciate life from another persons point of view, while defining your own rules, your own standards and living every moment according to them. Live-Life-Large means disallowing life, as it is being depicted by social norms, from getting in the way of living.

These words are on the back of the card that comes with the Lie-Life_larger Pin


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The Wisdom of the Universe

Never overlook, deny or contradict the power and wisdom of the Universe. With just the slightest of attention compensated, it will give you much; it will show you a guidance that is needed. The Universe is the truest friend to your soul therefor it should be reverend. Open yourself completely, listen and feel, feel the boundless energy around you, when it increases or decreases, you are courageously being told what to embrace, or what should be eradicated from who you are.

The Missouri River

Exploring another hot, sultry day in Montana, my eyes constantly scanning the arid terrain for cooling waters, I found, or maybe just blundered upon, the headwaters of the Missouri River. Just as Lewis and Clark must have done with they stumbled upon and named the river in 1805, I took opportunity to shed my clothing and dive into its depths. I swam, frolicked, grinned and found no reason to hold back any of the giddiness I was consumed in. I’m sure Meriwether and William did the same when they were here. The only difference is they kept and eye open for hostile’s and I keep mine open to not be captured by a vacationing family from Milwaukie seeing an old fat man in the buff and reporting a Dansquatch sighting to the local P.D.

                   The Towering Hollyhock

I have always held an abundant admiration for Hollyhocks. They are

one of the few gorgeous flowers of nature that one does not have

to bend at the waist to gaze deep into their beauty. I was raised

with them, as my mother also loved them. I don’t think there was

ever a place we lived they did not stand tall. I have memories as a

child standing quietly in the middle of them, surrounded by their towering stalks and vibrant blooming flowers, while bees and hummingbirds buzzed around, intoxicated by the nectar.
Being a small boy filled with adventure, and perhaps a bit of mischief, I even once caught a hummingbird in a fruit jar, while its head was buried deep into the colorful peddles of these huge flowers. There is some disbelief that I did this, but it happened. My Mom saw it as I ran into the house, the screen door slamming behind me. But she only looked at it briefly as we went right back out the screen door that had not yet stopped vibrating from slamming, and I released it into the wilds of the backyard. I guess my mother didn’t think hummingbirds made good pets. Mom is gone now and so is the only collaboration of this story.
Many times I caught bees in the folds of the big flowers. Breaking the flower off to shake it and listen to the muffled buzz of and irate honeybee. I would always release them and I don’t think I was even ever stung. I have no recollection of it as I think they were just ecstatic to be released and slightly dizzy. But, what I do remember is the promise to stop harassing the bees and never again snap one of the beautiful flowers off to shake it in my ear. This was presenting with a pointed finger I believe and a voice that provided no room for rebuttal from an adventure seeking rebellious young boy.

That’s What You Do!

They said that’s what we do in Montana. On a hot August day when there is little relief from the sun, and in Three Forks, there are no lakes, so the only thing to lower your temperature a notch is the river. So to the Jefferson River I went, the mission being to jump off the Old Town Bridge.
It didn’t take long to get free of all my adornment, and let Zack, guide me to the spot of the bridge where all the kids were standing in wait. I hoped for the best as I crawled over the banister, noticing that all the young people were nowhere close to my stature, making me think briefly about the depth. As I stood, balancing on a small, hot metal pipe looking down at the murky low waters of the Jefferson River, I heard from some beer drinking young men sitting in lawn chairs up river, “It’s what we do in Montana!” So not being one to shy away from a new experience, I smiled large, threw caution to the wind and jumped. What a refreshing rush. I hit the water and sank deep into the depths seeing nothing but light and bubbles swirling above me. I never touched bottom, but it did seem to take a while to resurface. I was cooled and refreshed while only forgetting one thing. Among all the jubilant people there, no one told me to hold my nose. With this small error, the water table dropped a fraction, as the Jefferson River rushed up my nostrils.
I stayed for a while, hanging out with the young men and women playing in the river and had a really great time. I was even rewarded for my virgin jump with a Budweiser, the first one I have had since, well… I can’t remember. So whenever you’re in Montana, hot and needing to cool down. Find a bridge with a bunch of kids around it. If you accept them for what they are doing, they will accept you and it will all be nothing but pure gratifying enjoyment.

Passing Time

If you are the person that sits and ponders the Universe while listening to your soul speak, then it is you that I want to sit with. If you know calmness and are open to embracing a higher conciseness, then it is you that I want to sit with. You are the one that I want to know and listen to while time passes by, even if nothing is said.

The Box

There are these people that we all encounter, the ones that will only except and love you when and if, you comfortably fit into their box. These is the juncture when it becomes even more important to keep playing outside the box.