Part of the goals in each thing I do, is to include the ways to always excess spirit.

I believe it is part of the Essential Way!

Run and Jump

There are often times when my thoughts and actions travel so far, rushing freely in a wild and frantic scamper, sometimes filled with light, while other times tilting towards the darkness and wallow there with comfort. Though I try to share what I see and feel, how can I possible make anyone see them for what they are and understand? How can anyone understand what happens on this flamboyant ride through life when I cannot even understand it myself? The only fact, the truest fact I can convey is that I wait with great anticipation for it to happen so I can run and jump without hesitation.

A Saunter Through Bewnie

On the map its call Buena Vista, Colorado, but most of the newer inhabitants seem to say, “BV” when referring to this mountain town. For myself it is neither. This was the birthplace of my father, William Norman Abernathy, and he always referred to this mountain town as Benwie.
This town has always had somewhat of an issue with its title. Buena Vista means “good view” in Spanish, but Spanish-speaking people didn’t name the town. In 1879, Alsina Dearheimer, of German descent and the wife of a language professor, proposed the name for the town. Whatever the source of the title is, it’s pronounced in many different ways. To say the word right in its Spanish origin, it would be, BWAY-na Vista, but most say BEW-na Vista. I guess this is why now, as we are in the times of acronyms it is correct by all to just say “BV.” But for me, and the old timers that are few-and-far-between, Bewnie sounds the best, Right Dad?

The Mini Café

I stopped at the Mini Café in Poncha Springs, Colorado and meandered up to the window, sorting through the signs practically covering the window. I exhausted myself in reading the signs of what I couldn’t do, slowly giving up on what I could do. Their windows were covered with all the rules and regulations of being there so you could give them your money. $.25 Will Be Added To Credit Cards, Do Not Put Your Gum On Plates, Chairs or Tables, Order First, Then Proceed To The Bathroom, Don’t Talk On Your Cell Phone, No free Bathroom, Bathrooms For Customers Only, No Tobacco Spitting On The Premise, and We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone. I appetite was curbed as I was stuffed with No’s, and I reserve the right of choice to the places I patronize, so I turned and returned to the road with the lyrics of Sign Sigh Everywhere a sign, by Five Man Electrical Band playing in my head. And the sign said, "Long-haired freaky people need not apply" So I tucked my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him why…... Sign, sign, everywhere a sign blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind. Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

Burning Intensity

I believe it happens to us all. One day, sometime during the life we are living, you stumble upon someone in a collision like no other. They will ignite a fire deep within the person that you are, detonating a blaze in your life unlike anything known, a burning intensity that will never flicker, fade or die. The only sorrow that can cloud this collision is the realization that they are not the one that you will spend the rest of your life with.

Rambling Around Steamboat

I thought I had visited Steamboat Springs, Colorado before, but I don’t think that I have. If I had, surely I would have not forgotten what an enjoyable place it is for a stopover. I built a pleasing memory in this rural town at the base of the Colorado Mountains. One I surly won’t misplace. Steamboat is known as a ski town, but being here in the summer is also off the charts. Even though I kept hearing the “local” grumble about the quaintness of the town in years past. Steamboat is still fantastic, even if the world has found it. Being in Steamboat is finding a moment of refreshing beauty that explodes is in every direction you turn. I found nonstop enjoyment, excitement, good fun loving people, great food and some water that flows in a fitting temperature no mater what it might be that you like. A summer soaking plunge can be refreshing and cool, to healing and hot. My trek here was in the summer, as you can see, but I beat the winter equally holds some majestic times as the lush green hills are blanketed with snow and the Yampa River is replaced by the downhill ski runs and of course more time is spent in the hot springs.